Branding + photography for UNIT – Every Body Dancing Everyday


We are supporting Tom from UNIT with his quest to get #everybodydancingeveryday with photography and branding.

We were so excited to find the perfect typography for the branding which is made from dance called Movement and was created by Noel Pretorius and María Ramos inspired by dance movements. This link shows the story and creation:

The project began as a collaboration with Design Indaba and the contemporary dancer Andile Vellem. Dance and other art disciplines use movement asa way of expression. The body of a dancer or the hand of a painter can perfectly be seen as creative tools. Andile’s performance became a departing point for the design. By tracking his movements and using the paths as a reference the letters found their shape.”

— Noel Pretorius and María Ramos creators of the typeface

The colour palette is bright, vibrant and interchangeable. We have also taken individual typographic characters and made them into characters that dance. This style of illustration works because there is no gender, no colour and there are endless possibilities. All inclusive and fun and graphic. The identity also incorporates the dance companies logo the UNIT House.

Follow Tom on his youtube channel for updates.


A virtual Christmas party: 50 minute dance bonanza: virtual DJ, party games, classic tunes and cheesy hits, for the whole family. ⁠We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the new show in rehearsal at the new digital green screen studio at Dance East.

The world really needs some fun and dancing right now – this is going to be Awesome!

We have loved working Wirth Tom on this project and we are looking forward to supporting him and UNIT in the future.