St Joseph’s College brand evolution

Evolving and growing your brand identity doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. It means repositioning your strategy and updating and revamping various aspects of your visual identity so you can attract new attention while also reminding people why and how your offering is relevant. 

We have been working with St Joseph’s College for the past two years as their creative agency. We began a brand evolution process with them in 2020 as it had become apparent that their branding was in need of a refresh to accurately reflect the school as they are today.

We love the spirit of St Jo’s. It is a vibrant, happy and inclusive school. Their nurturing environment allows students to thrive as individuals as academic achievement, ideas, intellectual curiosity, collaboration and resilience are of equal importance.

Following an in-depth consultation process where we surveyed teachers, parents, pupils and ex-pupils we were able to determine how the school community felt about the school and what stands them apart. Taking on board this feedback, we worked with the school to update and evolve their branding while remaining true to their values.

The new strategy is based on the concept of ‘Space to Thrive’. An energetic, forward-thinking and aspirational statement, full of promise and optimism.

We began by refining the logo by modernising the crest, updating the iconography, typography and introducing a vibrant colour palette that is relevant to their environment. We also introduced new design guidelines and visual aesthetic guides for film and photography to reflect confidence and to communicate core messaging, express the personality and differentiate themselves from their competitors. By maintaining the same approach to colour, lighting, mood and subject matter, we can create an immediately recognisable look for St Jo’s. As photographers and designers, we can apply these principles seamlessly throughout their communication strategy.

We are now working alongside the school to roll out its identity across all channels and collateral.