New design work and signage for UOS DigiTech Centre.

The DigiTech Centre is a partnership between University of Suffolk and BT to provide education, research and professional development in the areas of: Cyber Security, Data Science & AI, Smart Living, Network and Software engineering. 

A logo for the centre had been created prior to our involvement, our challenge was to create a visual communication system which Would work alongside the logo and the UOS identity to form a strong visual identity and wayfinding system. 

Our Solution – A unique, coded communication system to encourage curiosity and discovery. A glyph inspired design system using the same underlying grid and brand system as the UOS logo.

Taking the UOS icon, we tessellated the bottom corner triangle to create a four by two grid of triangles. With 256 unique permutations we assigned a unique combination of triangles to each character in the alphabet along with numbers and punctuation.

This code was used to create interest and identity across the centre. Illuminated signage, wall graphics, way finding, cafe environments, window manifestations, reports, stationary.  

Thank you @Hudsongroup for partnering with us to manufacture and install all the signage.