About us

Wendy and Tim Hodgson are founding partners at WHAT. With professions spanning 3 decades, they are experts in art direction, branding, design and photography.  They have a creative attitude to problem-solving, successfully combining strategy, insight, design and craftsmanship to create quality, effective communications that elevate brand experiences.  WHAT launched in 2013. Prior to this, both partners worked in Advertising and Design Agencies in London. Years of agency and in-house experience have given them a high level of experience whilst remaining hands-on and able to produce work to a very high standard. Our services are aimed at supporting businesses from their creation to ongoing marketing, design, and digital collateral, essential for starting something new or maintaining a successful business.

Our business is named after the Partner’s family members: Wendy Holly Alex Tim .

WHAT matters most?

  • Brand-first. All our services, design solutions and photography begin by ensuring you have a solid brand foundation in place
  • Thoughtful strategy, beautiful design, and well-crafted execution
  • A commitment to use our creative skills as a force for good
  • Adding value and moving businesses forward
WHAT associates - Creative agency Ipswich Suffolk