A\W 21 Campaign for Coes

Coes are a family owned, independent retailer and *sustainability is at the very top of their agenda. Many customers are unaware of the positive actions being taken by many of the brands they sell to be more ‘sustainable’.

The only way to choose better is to know better. With this in mind, Coes have launched their “Smart Choice – Sustainable Style Edit” to highlight initiatives and progress their brands are making to minimise their environmental and social impact. The Coes website has more information on their own sustainability business policies and practices; a mending service, Formal hire wear rental being just a few of their great offerings.

Here are a few shots from our  photoshoot on location at @kingfisherscretingham with the most glorious Suffolk backdrop. 

Thank you to everyone involved behind the scenes, styling, modelling & filming.

WHAT: Campaign strategy, art direction, design, photography.

* Sustainability means ‘to be able to maintain a certain level or rate, and does not have a detrimental effect on natural resources so less harmful to the environment.