Brand identity Design – Penrose Learning Trust

This identity was mathematical and complex, quite possibly our most challenging and mind-boggling yet.

Penrose Learning Trust is named after Penrose Tiling which was discovered and investigated by Sir Roger Penrose in the 1970’s. The tile patterns are created using two shapes, the dart and the kite. When laid correctly they tessellate perfectly, but more interestingly they are aperiodic. This means that although the pattern may express similar qualities it is infinitely variable. The design grows centre out, never repeated.

The Penrose Learning Trust logo mark has evolved from the tessellating tiles rather than a direct copy of the pattern. Changing the line weight of the two shapes a kite shape is visible within the negative space of the dart. A strong central core was created using the Fibonacci sequence.  The icon is in the process of being formed with the darts shown being drawn into the larger form, representing how the Trust is attracting new schools and growing. Each kite is a different colour to express the variety and individuality of each school which comprises the Trust.

You can read the full case study

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