As small business owners, we are fully aware of how intimidating it feels to know where to start with becoming more sustainable and reducing your carbon footprint. #carbonhacks is our way of highlighting facts and providing easy first steps.

The Climate Crisis
It’s a complex problem
There’s no easy solution
A global, collaborative effort is required
We’ll need to re-think the way we work, live, consume and organise our lives
It will involve a universal change in mindset, power and behaviour
We can all make a difference


  • No.1 – How email affects your CO2 Footprint
  • No.2 – What we can do to reduce our Cloud CO2 Footprint
  • No.3 – Why it’s important to measure and manage CO2 emissions
  • No.4 – Understanding the impact of E-waste
  • No.5 – How we can lower website CO2 emissions
  • No.6 – Sustainable print and eco-fonts