Our Journey toward Net Zero

As a business, we have measured and calculated our environmental impact and CO₂ emissions and we have taken action to reduce our carbon footprint and offset what we can’t reduce, and we will continue to repeat this process.

We’ve been awarded a Carbon Charter Gold Award for our Sustainable Achievements!

Following an independent assessment carried out by qualified auditors from Groundwork East, we are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded Gold by the Carbon Charter, endorsing our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our business operations. 

The Carbon Charter Gold is only awarded to organisations seen to be exemplifying best practices in terms of demonstrating significant potential reductions in carbon emissions and championing the environmental agenda. It is intended to provide public recognition of this vital step to the shared goal of “Creating the Greenest County”, in which we are fully invested.

Carbon Charter Gold Net Zero

“We’re very proud that Suffolk Carbon Charter has recognised the efforts we are going to achieve a positive environmental impact for a more sustainable future.”

Wendy Hodgson

The Carbon Charter, Suffolk’s hub for business sustainability, set up the 25:25 pledge to empower local businesses to take their first steps towards net zero. Initiated by Suffolk County Council and supported by Groundwork East we were able to access advice and support to calculate our carbon footprint.

This included:

  • The types of power and fuel we use
  • The waste we throw away
  • The water we use
  • … and anything and everything that creates a CO₂ emission

Over the past year, we have made significant changes to the way we work. We began by changing our web and email hosting and energy suppliers to green suppliers. We have assessed the resources and processes we use and upgraded to better sustainable options. We have surveyed the equipment we use and our methods for reducing waste, and reconditioning and recycling kit. Cloud storage was a big concern for us. Data surrounding the carbon footprint of cloud storage is vague and hard to access but we have been encouraged by our service provider Dropbox, who is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. We have looked at our policies for storing data, in particular raw photography files, and reduced the time allocated for archive.

We have received our report from Groundwork East, and are ecstatic to see that the measures we have made over the past year have reduced our carbon footprint to 1,071.1 kg CO2e. We have achieved more that we had ever imagined.

We support environmental causes like Ecologi, WWF , The National Trust and RSPB. We also donate our time and skills to work alongside not-for-profit organisations that share our values.

As an industry, we generate digital and printed items which all have a CO₂ footprint associated with them. It is therefore our responsibility to be conscious creatives and specify and continue to research sustainable options for our clients. Our production supply chain is important to us and we continually assess and review our partners to ensure the best solutions for our clients.

The Creative Industry has contributed to mass consumption and consumerism, it has in turn had a detrimental impact on our planet and people’s wellbeing. It is important that we acknowledge our role in shaping society and informing behaviours and attitudes. We must now work to make ‘Sustainability’ the norm and encourage people to shift their patterns of behaviour to become more conscious of their impact on all people and nature.