Bascule Equine Underwriting


Our client was looking to launch a specialist Equine insurance business. We were asked to name, brand and create design collateral for the global business. Although starting in the Equine world, the business is looking at possible expansion in the future into other high net-worth items, for example yachts. Initially the business will begin trading in the US, then the business will set up a UK / Global division.


/ˈbæskjuːl/ is the natural round arc a horse’s body takes as it goes over a jump. 

A bascule bridge (sometimes referred to as a drawbridge) is a moveable bridge with a counterweight that continuously balances a span, or “leaf”, throughout its upward swing to provide clearance for boat traffic. It may be single- or double-leafed. 

The name comes from the French term for balance scale, which employs the same principle. The name suggests strength and precision, flexibility and progression. 


The dynamic arc below the word- mark is defined as a section of two overlapping circles. The arc is dynamic and progressive, suggesting forwards motion. The heal of the ‘L’ of Bascule has been rounded to match the curve of the ‘SCU’ of Bascule. 

Colour palette.

The colour palette we’ve selected is strong, trustworthy, versatile and premium. 

The key colour 319 – turquoise is a colour which represents trust and prosperity. 

2755 acts as a secondary colour which allows the turquoise to ping. This a regal, stable colour. 

431 is a stable, solid grey and white allows the your brand to have space. 

There are two secondary colours 7408 and 199 – these will be useful for charts and diagrams. 


We’re working with our client to provide a library of images to compliment the brand identity.