2016 – 2022

“WHAT from the outset, helped us to look at the DNA of our organisation and have built an advertising strategy based around that. The time and effort reviewing who we are and what we stand for has manifested itself into campaigns that are targeted and have a great resonance with our customer base. Their attention to detail and ability to continually review each piece to ensure it is in keeping with the overall script is outstanding. But most importantly they are a pleasure to work with.”



When we began working with Coes they had no formal brand guidance. After consultation, we encouraged them to embark on a brand development strategy that would allow for greater unity and brand recognition across all their visual communication. Branding doesn’t just mean ‘a logo’, in fact, the Coes logo remained the same. We did, however, synchronise the other two group store names, Goddards and Golding so that they look like they belonged to the same family. We defined their core messaging and identity to be constantly and coherently translated across all avenues of marketing and advertising. We devised a strategy and brand messaging that encompassed the progressive direction they were taking. A clear tone of voice and messaging summarised who they were, and what they stood for, to give a comparable personal experience in-store, online and in marketing. The brand book provided Coes with design guidelines setting out how aspects of its identity should be applied across all its communications. The result of this is a much stronger brand presence. 

As photographers we could see how a consistent vibrant style of imagery could benefit Coes and help them engage with their customers. By focusing the attention on Coes style rather than Coes brands we could use photography to replica an attitude, a feeling and a character. Models are mainly their customers, we photograph both lifestyle on location and in their purpose-built studio. A strong visual style helps personalise the brand and keep them relevant.

We worked with Coes to create campaign-driven marketing, resulting in a unified concept online, in-store, on social media, through direct mail and advertising. Each campaign is targeted; either by customer segmentation, product or seasonal focus. Each initiative is fulfilling a goal which directly links to their business objective. Every Campaign started with their brief and we interweave their brand values into each concept and messaging to increase brand awareness and improve brand equity in their customer’s minds. The Coes Journal, was a quarterly ‘Brand’ publication, an opportunity to position their brand by informing loyal customers about their business, values and family group; projecting what they stand for and the lifestyle they represent.

The process we went through with Coes effectively delivered coherence across their family of stores whilst also making their marketing more efficient, cost-effective and successful. They have seen a surge of interest in-store and online since we started working with them and their customer demographic has widened seeing a greater increase in younger customers, which was our objective.