Faro approached us to help them evolve their brand identity to fully represent who they are now and attract a wider target audience. 

Faro is a partnership between two sisters living in India and the UK who share a passion for colour, print, pattern and importantly invest in their love of India and are committed to ethical manufacturing and supporting the vitality of their artisan communities.

With a need to refresh their identity, we began by redefining the strategy. We then looked at the visual and verbal identity; their logo, developing a new set of brand guidelines and reimagining their design imagery to realign their message.

The comprehensive brand style guide encompassed verbal and visual identity, everything from fonts – colour schemes – photography style to language and messaging. These creative concepts were rolled out across a variety of relevant collateral including stationery, application assets and print.

We worked with Faro to create a library of imagery that represented their brand values and the range of products they sell. These images are not product shots, they provide green content which depicts how it feels to live a Faro lifestyle leaving customers with a long-lasting visual desire.

The evolved identity embodies craft and refinement; combining colour, intricacy and attention to detail to take Faro confidently into its next chapter.

You have exceeded our expectations, helped evolve our brand identity with creativity, and professionalism and we were blown away by the results! Thank you for a fantastic job and very well done indeed! 

Farheen Allsopp



The brandmark is a geometric design based on the iridescent eye-spot near the feather tip on a peacock.
The icon also represents the fan tail. The centre of the eye is the same shape as the type mark ‘O’.


Exuberant Living
Living an exuberant lifestyle means living life to the fullest; enjoying every day: joyously unrestrained and enthusiastic. The tagline demonstrates the effect of Faro on your life; Exuberance is a way of expression that simply has no boundaries, wonder, colour, pattern everywhere! 

Sustainability has been carefully considered in all aspects of their visual identity, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, environmentally friendly inks and re-usable packaging wherever possible. 

Vibrant and exuberant palette, reminiscent of India

  • Peacock blue and green
  • Marigold yellow and Jaipur city Pink
  • Turquoise and white