Fuse London


FUSE initially got in touch with us to talk about how they might engage with their audience through social media.

After spending some time getting to know them, we realised that; how they represented themselves as a brand online did not correlate with the incredibly vibrant and exciting studio they were. So, we amended the brief…

We encouraged them to embark on a branding redesign – redefining who they were and how they wanted to be perceived. We worked together to create a new brand identity. Strategy came first – who, what, where and why? Then a strong strapline and brand statement, a suite of graphic elements that could be used across all aspects of their work, a colour palette which allowed them versatility and finally a tone of voice and visual language which ‘felt’ like FUSE. Strategy, attitude, photography, illustration and language all coming together to project a unified and cohesive vision.

After branding, came their website – fuse.uk.com. We wanted to bring the FUSE London studio to life. We spent time getting to know everyone in the studio so that we could accurately document their world. Photographing their incredible machines, delving into drawers, hanging around spray booths… a blissful photography brief. We knew imagery would be key to provoking the right vibe. We encouraged them to keep copy short and punchy – letting the work do the talking. Their website has been designed to allow them complete control over all their content, the homepage can be filled with video or photography depending on their focus – it will evolve like they will. 

FUSE London now have accurate online visibility – a brand they feel truly represents them. So, now we are working with them on their original brief to us… helping them build their community online. VISIT WEBSITE

FUSE have worked very closely with Wendy Hodgson and her team at WHAT Associates to create our new digital home. WHAT are a Suffolk based group with big brand experience, using their special knack of elevating a company’s web profile with their warm and creative expertise. WHAT’s expert eye has brought a fresh and vibrant perspective to the day to day working life of FUSE’s busy studio. Our team were hugely impressed by the time they spent getting to know us and what we do. With their exceptional photography and design talent, they have captured the energy, passion and creativity of our business with a compelling visual and brand-led treatment that was bang on brief. We are delighted with the end result and it was a lot of fun working with Wendy. We hope you like our new website and branding as much as we do!