Hero Site Solutions


Michael Bolton previously of BMichael Bolton, previously of Bolton Brothers Ltd, asked us to work with him to create a new name, brand identity and design collateral for the launch of his new business offering waste management, event services and storage solutions that are convenient, efficient and cost-effective while promoting sustainable and environmentally sound principles.


The Discovery phase is where we always begin. Understanding ‘what, why and who for’ before we start thinking about names and identities. Researching the industry and understanding more about their competitors gave us insight into how to differentiate them from the rest.

The 2nd phase is defining a brand strategy. We work with our clients to define their brand vision, mission and values. With this structure in place, we can write a creative brief that is signed off by our clients before progressing into creative strategy and design. The creative brief contains, vision, mission and values and finalised single-minded proposition based on discovery phase observations with clear objective

The name
We do not present our clients with a list of names – instead we presented Michael with 2 concepts we believed worked with the insight and strategy we’d proposed in the creative brief. The ideas reflected the core branding pillars and would appeal to his core target audience and a name naturally matched the concept.

Michael chose HERO Site Solutions

HERO is dedicated to fighting the evil of the universe, protecting the public, and battling super-villains. Behind the actions of our HERO is a compelling story, one of justice, fighting wrong and clearing up after people. 

A short catchy name – which works well as a prefix to all the services offered by HERO.
HERO | Site Solutions 
HERO | Clearance 
HERO | Recycling …

The Symbol

Like all superheroes there is a symbol HERO identifies with – The lightening Bolt. The Bolt symbol is own-able as it’s in Michael’s name Bolton. The logo consists of two elements: The HERO logotype and the recycling symbol with the bolt incorporated.

We have also created a series of bespoke icons to represent the different services HERO provide as well as providing guidance for photography and images.

We continue to work with Hero to promote his business as it grows. The brand guidelines we give our clients provide guidance, direction and support for everyone involved in their business and they are the guiding principles for all activities undertaken by the company and its employees and any third party working on their behalf. These guidelines are a framework to create clear consistent marketing communication for the business whoever is involved in its creation.  The more consistent your messaging and appearance, the more consistent your branding will appear to build awareness and develop trust and loyalty with customers.