IKON training


When we first met Louise and Jason at IKON training it was to discuss the prospect of working together on their new website.

However, after getting to know more about them and the nature of their training programmes we felt their brand identity was out-of-sync with their great offering and it needed to be updated to reflect their true business objectives and ambitions. This required a much more positive and optimistic approach.

Their new branding, website and design collateral now accurately replicates the attitude, feeling and character of IKON. This has been achieved with commissioned photography of their training sessions, copywriting and applying design consistency across all aspects of their visual communication.




Working alongside the brilliant team at IKON we have enhanced their online experience with a fresh new look, intuitive design and navigation system, and a carefully curated range of content.

The new website reflects IKON training’s new brand identity and what they stand for. The improved on-site navigation system directs people to the information and sector specific content most relevant to them. The news section will have all our important updates and news on upcoming events. Clients can download a prospectus and access course information as well as seeing the venue hire facilities .

“We’re delighted at the way that the new brand has been received by those that have seen it so far. It has transformed our visual identity into a style that makes us fit for the 21st century.”



We encouraged IKON to swap from stock photography to their own photography to highlight the impact of IKON – confident, strong + empowered people, clients and trainers.

We opted for a reportage style of working; authentic and natural as possible, monochrome grading to convey a unified look across all collateral.

We photographed the IKON trainers as they worked with delegates across a multitude of sectors, resulting in a vast image library for them to use across their marketing online and in print.


IKON’s new brand identity was launched at the end of 2019 and is currently being rolled out across the business. The website launched in March 2020.


Strong deep tones with vibrant positive colours to enable contrast and highlight. A versatile palette full of personality which works on a primary, secondary and tertiary level.


This identity works with the overarching idea of positivity, confidence and empowerment.

  • It is bold in appearance and understated to allow for greater diversity in it’s application
  • The diagonal through the i gives the type treatment individuality
  • The branding sits within a circle which acts like a seal of approval – as well as suggesting a “full stop
  • What’s inside a circle is “protected” from the outside, suggesting partnership, friendship and unity
  • We used the circle theme to work across the whole identity, infographics, icons, illustrations, photography frames and uniform badges

We worked alongside IKON’s in-house designer Le-Anne Burman to offer creative direction and design support throughout the rebranding and design phase.


A geometric sans-serif typeface mixed with a loose handwriting style to contrast with the uniformed typographic style gave IKON their voice.


Brand identity works in three ways; the way we look, the way we sound and the way we behave. As well as visual identity, which includes logos, colours and typography, IKON’s verbal identity is a crucial part of who they are and how they connect with people.

We worked with two copywriters on this project. Jon Cox worked with us to define the tone of voice and brand guidelines. Belinda Moore worked with us on the website and marketing collateral copy and strategy. As a small agency we bring in experts when and where we need them to provide expertise and experience.

IKON training are experts in the design and delivery of communication skills-based training. Their mission is to help their clients deal effectively with challenging behaviour in the workplace. To do this successfully the tone-of-voice needed to feel specific to IKON and display confidence and expertise to individual sectors. We helped them move towards a positive and pro-active tone which spoke to individuals in a straight-forward and empowering way.