#Matspace is a collaborative studio run by Lizzie Gibbons for all barefoot practices, yoga, pilates, dancing, kids yoga, ballet etc.

Matspace asked us to partner with them to launch their brand new studio in Framlingham. From the beginning we worked side-by-side to create an experience like no other. Rainbows and light was our brief – and we made sure this theme worked across all aspects of the studio. Working on branding, design, signage, website + interior and exteriors themes, the brand identity came to life.


A complex identity which featured a brand mark which was created using bespoke typography, with individually designed letters built on a universal grid so they form a family working together. The letters representing the eclectic mix of classes and people coming together at Matspace.

The branding and identity became a tribal call-out to like minded people and teachers to come together. A large yellow light triangle guides people to the entrance of Matspace. A rainbow of colour up the stairs separates the studio from the communal space.

Matspace’s website captures the spirit of the studio’s philosophy of ‘no boundaries’ . The site is bright and energetic (like owner Lizzie) and includes an integrated MindBody booking system. So many great teachers and classes to discover.

Photography was key to this project to capture the spirit of Matspace; the energy and diversity as well as showing the studio space and the range of classes available for everyone. We integrated the colour palette into the accessories and outfits worn by people on the shoot to give a sense of ‘togetherness’ and unity to the website and promotional design and marketing. The photoshoot was conducted in the studio, at Framlingham castle and also under UV light after dark. 

Late last November we found this space believe and oh my how different it looked then. We started the build in January breathing new life into the bones of the building we had no water and very little heat, it was fairly bleak and at times there were doubts, but the love, deep respect, dedication and constant laughter pulled us through. Ray and I worked 7 day weeks and often late into the night assisted by our brilliant friend Pat McGovern who did our electrics, (he’s got the power), and the wonderful Ed Holmes an awesome carpenter, (Ed Wood can make anything!)

Wendy and Tim from WHAT associates were with us all the way, deciphering our vision and making the impossible possible, also keeping us grounded, telling us ‘no!’ when we needed to hear it and in our biased opinion creating the most beautiful branding there ever was.

When in April we had almost finished upstairs we had our first photoshoot it felt real, and we were overcome by the positive reactions of the kind souls who came to model for us, all really lovely people donating their time for the cause. The photos Wendy and Tim took that day are breathtaking and we are very proud to use them in our website.

It is our dearest wish that this centre enables everyone to find a practice that makes them feel good, that we connect with each other and dissolve any boundaries between us.