O J Kent Psychotherapy


A strong brand identity is not about making something pretty; it’s about communicating your brand story effectively. Thus, making you visible, relevant, and unique. Our role is to ensure your visual output aligns with your brand values, reflects your personality and business objectives and accurately communicates your story.

Oscar approached us to create his branding and website for his new Psychotherapy practice in Mayfair, Central London. Psychotherapy is a Face-to-face talking therapy which helps people process mental distress, or effect change in their lives .

Naming a business is a service we offer, however in this case we believed by using his own name we would build trust and credibility. 


Subtle luxury

Monogram: Refined luxury. The monogram consists of Oscars initials 

Elegant serif font family published by Hoftype foundry. 

Brand-mark: True reflection, centred around a diamond. 

The monogram was flipped to suggest a conversation. The diamond in the centre suggests light and life; it is an emblem of purity and perfection and invincible spiritual power. 

The central element of the logo can be used as a repeat pattern. For use on the website backgrounds or add personalised texture to interior furnishings. 

The brand identity consists of an earthy colour palette with a hint of luxurious copper, projecting harmony and confidence. These colours when used in interior schemes give clients the impression of comforting cocooning luxury.

“WHAT really got to know the marketplace I will be operating in, I was particularly impressed with the research they did at the beginning of the engagement. They then aced the brief with a number of creative pathways for my branding and website, the final delivery of which exceeded my expectations.”

OJ Kent