Salt London


We started working with Sofia Franc at the beginning of 2017 launching her own restaurant & hospitality consultancy and training business. When we first met Sofia we talked about her vision and aspirations for her new business and we listened.

Sofia spoke with such passion about how she inspires and enthuses others to realise they have the potential to improve their offering by uniting as a team and working together. She was very much ‘a part’ of the process, personally involved with the staff who she was helping, training, advising, mentoring and reassuring on all levels from top management to kitchen staff and service professionals. She has a friendly approach, encouraging people to feel and care more about what they do and who they do it for. Through thorough consultation, Sofia Franc is able to look at a business with perspective and reach conclusions and observations which can be applied to a personal plan of action. 

Our first brief was to create a name for Sofia’s which would represent who she is / what she does and to allow for business growth over time. We started with looking at her business concept as a whole and working out her brand strategy, this formed the basis for our creative process. A brand prism was created + brand statement, competitor analysis and a thorough understanding of her target audience.


This concept played on the idea that ‘Sofia Franc’ is the ingredient which anyone in the industry would recognise to be essential. Like Salt, Sofia brings out the best in people, adding flavour to a business and is instrumental to success.  Sofia can’t work alone. She works along side others to enhance their offering, inspire everyone to work together and to create something very special, full of flavour. We felt it worked for her industry, without having to say ‘Restaurant’ or ‘Hospitality’.

The visual style was created by looking at the marks left from the impact of salt on watercolour. The salt permeates from the epicentre to the outer perimeter. We created a series of paintings which explored this technique and after many attempts we had a final set based on a selected colour palette.

Typographically, Sofia was keen to use her handwriting so we worked with her to create a sophisticated brandmark and supporting typographic treatment.

Design collateral included business cards, stationery, presentation and Word templates and a website. We’ve loved working with Sofia Franc and we look forward to working with her as her business grows in the future both in the U.K. and overseas.

From the moment I met Wendy, I felt that she was on my side. Getting to know me and how I approach each project in such a personal way, made me feel confident and reassured that she was going to create something very special. Through creative ‘salt’ artwork, studying my handwriting and guiding me so patiently through the world of social media, they have shown great awareness and sensitivity. She and Tim have helped me launch my business, Salt, in more ways than I could have imagined. They have created a brand that shows the many different elements of the business and fundamentally, how my approach to each project is personal. Salt strategy and coaching isn’t textbook. It comes from understanding what drives each business and gives them the tools and support to achieve great things. Wendy and Tim truly understood this and were a pleasure to work with. Thank you.