Slate Cheese


Working alongside strategy and guidance from food marketing expert Polly Robinson we devised a strategy and identity which was inspired by the owners love of cheese, their passion for knowledge and championing British producers. 

Our concept reflects the owners desire to be seen as an ‘After Dinner Deli’. It was this thought which helped inform the typography which in turn was inspired by vintage port labels. The brand as a whole is based on the process of discovery and the sensory and tactile nature of individual cheeses. 

There are many ways to visualise cheese textures and patterns associated; cutting, grating and serving. We used printmaking to create a library of prints that represent the unique textures and qualities of a variety of cheeses and cutting techniques associated. We also commissioned a unique light display for the shop windows, made with vintage cheese graters and flex to match the brand palette. 

The branding has been applied to uniforms, aprons, bags, signage, packaging, advertising and digital assets.