St Joseph’s College


We have been working with St Joseph’s College since 2019. We began a brand evolution process with them in 2020 as it had become apparent that their branding was in need of a refresh to accurately reflect the school as they are today.

Following an in-depth consultation process where we surveyed teachers, parents, pupils and ex-pupils we were able to determine how the school community felt about the school and what stands them apart. The new strategy is based on the concept of ‘Space to Thrive’. An energetic, forward-thinking and aspirational statement, full of promise and optimism.

The new brand identity informed the projects and campaigns which followed. Whole school prospectus, Boarding prospectus, GCSE guide, 6th Form Guide, Stationary, Signage, Uniform, Strategic Development Plans, Application forms and campaign and marketing.

Through competitive analysis, questionnaires, research from parents, teachers, students and the discovery phase of our branding process we have found key differentiators which set St Jo’s apart from its competitors. Each campaign involves detailed research and analysis of audience behaviour and social insights. The more we know about the audience the greater the success of the targeted campaign.

Working with Wendy and Tim is a joy. They listen, really listen and truly immerse themselves in your brand. Every concept they bring will be strategically thought through and rooted in the brand’s personality. They will stretch you, ask you to be brave and at times they will challenge you. But everything they do is underpinned by their passion for truly great marketing and communications.

​Sarah Edwards
Director of Admissions, Marketing and Communications

WHAT are truly passionate about their work and dedication to helping their clients succeed. They treat your company as if it was their own, and commitmened to delivering exceptional results in everything they do; branding, design, photography, marketing strategy and advertising. They are incredibly easy to work with, and their professionalism and expertise make the branding and creative process effortless and enjoyable. They exceeded my expectations in every way, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a branding and creative agency. If you are searching for a team that will treat your business with the utmost care and attention, look no further than WHAT Associates.

Lucy Bolton, Marketing and Events