The Greyhound


We began working with The Greyhound in 2015. We approached them as we felt their previous branding did not reflect the quality of their offering. The Greyhound is an Adnams’ pub serving good quality, locally sourced food, which they are justifiably renowned for. They were keen to look at a rebrand, but conscious that they didn’t want to fall into the ‘Gastro-Pub’ sector.

Our solution was Maurice. Maurice is a Greyhound and is the mascot of the pub. He has been designed to be adorned to reflect the spirit of the communication; so when they’re organising a golf day, Maurice is seen resplendent in plus-fours, and when he’s used to advertise the pub in a programme for a The Wolsey Theatre’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, he sprouts wings as though he is one of the fairies. Maurice is flexible and fun, which we feel reflects the pub perfectly.

We’ve also redesigned the menus and gift vouchers. The menus have been produced using a 100% recycled stock, whilst the gift vouchers have been produced with a gold foil finish to add a sense of value.

We worked with WHAT to redesign our brand identity and strategy, that then lead onto a fantastically vibrant set of menus, posters, adverts and now gift vouchers. Their flexibility and creativity has enabled us to have an awful lot of amusement with our imagery and their brilliant photographs of our food and drinks really capture day to day life in a pub. We are really pleased with the end result and will work with them again.