The Hive, Social Enterprise Hub


The Hive is managed by a team of kind and passionate people with the aim of combatting social isolation and loneliness. It forms an essential network of friendships, activities, events and opportunities which celebrate every individual, the journeys they’ve been on to get here and their lives now within our community.  It’s a place where everyone is welcome, connected and supported.

People come from all over the globe, to the Hive in Ipswich. Communicating with people in a language they understand and making them feel welcome is essential. Clear identity and visual communication are key to making life easier for them to access the opportunities available at the Hive. Their new brand identity now reflects who they are and what they stand for and it will continue to evolve and flex with them as they move forward. We have loved working with Cad and her team and we look forward to supporting them in the future. 

Our Approach

After an initial strategy phase working with Lucy Keany and Kara Jarrold (Cultural Strategy Consultants), we were able to use their insights to inform our creative brief.

The creative direction for the brand mark brings together multiple elements, suggesting a magnetic pull to a positive centre. A bold and bright identity which is multi-dimensional and represents a welcome space for everyone. Central to the brand mark is a ‘+’ where the characters come together, suggesting inclusivity and friendship. The ‘+’ is also used as support graphics and patterns and added to photography to give focus and ownership in positive effect, supporting the brand.

Typography was selected specifically to make it accessible to all Global Citizens. We selected Noto, which is a humanist global font collection. It’s open-source and designed for writing in all modern and ancient languages. Writing headlines and body copy in multiple languages will help increase the level of communication. 

The vibrant colour palette is deliberately outside any primary or national colours – they’re bright, exciting and can evolve with application, giving the identity a lively and ever-evolving personality.

Using illustrations, adding QR codes and developing a rich visual language helps communicate on a global scale. Icons are an important and valuable tool. They allow quick visual communication that negates the need for language. The suit of icons and illustrations is abstract and modern. By using and adapting some of these icons we can create a growing suite of matching, recognisable characters.

We love what we do

We have been helping clients of every shape and size in almost every possible sector to grow, educate, come together, sell or advise for the past ten years. 

Ipswich is our home. We love our town and we want to use our skills to help others in a way that matters. We look for opportunities to work with people who share our passion for sustainability and desire to make life better for people and the planet. 

Your brand identity reflects who you are and what you stand for, it’s crucial you consider everything carefully and get it right. We can offer you Brand Strategy and Identity, Design, Photography and ongoing Marketing to ensure you connect with the people you care about in a consistent, professional and engaging way. Depending on your budget, we have various packages available, we’d be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.

We are committed to using our creative skills as a force for good, adding real value and driving positive change.  

What makes you shine!

Client: Cad Taylor / The Hive
Strategy Consultants:  Lucy Keany and Kara Jarrold
Creative Agency: WHAT associates