Turnips Borough Market


In 2019, we were involved in evolving the brand identity for Turnips, Borough Market. Working alongside food strategist Polly Robinson @foodsafariuk we were asked to create a new identity, guidelines, photography and brand assets for their team to implement.

The new identity incorporates food photography to elevate their ‘taste’ offering. We created these cut through, backlit images to shows an in-depth look at the fresh produce and to accentuate their ‘Taste is everything’ philosophy.

An in-depth look at the fresh produce showing the produce as ingredients rather than on display. Seasonal photography works across display, website and marketing showing off what’s inside rather than what’s on the outside – the flavour – Taste is everything. Documentary photography is also used to highlight the positive effect of their business – All taste. No waste – and to highlight their knowledge, expertise and friendly nature.


Turnips not only locate the best produce when it’s in season, it’s also the location to find the best tasting produce for professional chefs as well as food loving customers.

  • The fruit and vegetables you buy from Turnips are the best quality 
  • Wholesale Customers – These ingredients are bought by the top restaurants and add the best flavour to their dishes. 
  • Retail Customers – These ingredients are bought by customers to create the best tasting dishes 
  • Turnips – These ingredients are used to create the best-tasting pizza’s, juices, risotto, pickles…reducing food waste.
  • The Turnip has been stylised to echo a location dropper
  • Modern, fresh colour palette which echoe the colours of a Turnip
  • Icon is strong, clean and bold and can be used as a standalone graphic
  • It celebrates Borough as a food destination
  • The new strap-lines echo Turnips focus on passion, quality and taste with a clear message of reducing food waste