We worked with @we_are_unit to re-define their brand identity and create their website.

On a mission is to get everyone dancing, their work is a fusion of choreography and film and the results are amazing – Weareunit.co.uk

UNIT is a collaboration between choreographer, Tom Hobden and film director, @kateflurrie. We are so excited to be working with this innovative company developing branding & design.

We continue to work Tom Hobden and UNIT  @we_are_unit with their quest to get #everybodydancingeveryday with photography, design, marketing and branding. 

We discovered the perfect typeface for their ‘Everybody Dancing Every Day’ Mission brand identity, inspired by dance movements, taking individual characters and making them dance. UNIT create new dance experiences and performances both live and virtually.

Photography 20 Questions: @danilomoroni_ph, Design WHAT associates