Hero PowWow with Lewis Ludlam

Mike Bolton from Hero Site Solutions is hosting a podcast which celebrates Suffolk personalities and business heroes who have interesting stories to tell about business and their role in the greater community.

The Hero Pow Wow podcast is a candid informal discussion about the realities of setting up on your own, the challenges, the highs, the pitfalls and the lessons learnt (as well as a few funny incidentals along the way).

When launching his recent start-up business, he was fortunate to receive advise and wisdom from family and friends who he trusted and who had great foresight and were generous with their knowledge and experience in running their own business. This information has been indispensable to him and he hopes to bring similar advice to business owners and start-ups alike. 

We are sponsoring the Hero Pow Wow podcast with documentary photography before the interview and a professional ‘Portrait’ of each participant after the interview.  We’ll be using this portraiture to promote each Pow Wow podcast and will be exhibiting the portraits at a later date as part of a Suffolk Business portraiture exhibition.

Listen to the 1st podcast with Lewis Ludlam, England and Northampton Saints Rugby star. View podcast.