New vibrant identity with positivity at its heart for the Hive.

We have been helping clients of every shape and size in almost every possible sector to grow, educate, come together, sell or advise for the past ten years. Ipswich is our home. We love our town and we want to use our skills to help others in a way that matters. We look for opportunities to work with people who share our passion for sustainability and desire to make life better for people and the planet. 

When we were approached by Cad at The Hive to evolve their identity we were really happy to help.

The Hive is managed by a team of kind and passionate people with the aim of combatting social isolation and loneliness and supporting the diverse community in and around Norwich Road. It forms an essential network of friendships, activities, events and opportunities which celebrate every individual, the journeys they’ve been on to get here and their lives now within our community. It’s a place where everyone is welcome, connected and supported.

After an initial strategy phase with Cultural Strategy Consultants Lucy Keany and Kara Jarrold, we used these insights to inform our creative brief. The result is a bold and vibrant identity with positivity at its heart.

You can find out more about this project here: The Hive, Social Enterprise Hub

We are committed to using our creative skills as a force for good, adding real value and driving positive change.

Client: Cad Taylor / The Hive
Strategy Consultants: Lucy Keany and Kara Jarrold
Creative Agency: WHAT associates Tim HodgsonWendy Hodgson