New work for Gecko: Kin identity and design work

The identity and style guide we created for Gecko has informed the creation of all the marketing materials we’ve designed to support the show; posters, digital screens, film titles, advertising, press packs, email etc  Find out more about our work with Gecko.

The concept

The concept represents the show’s multiple nationality ensemble and the many dialects spoken. We always begin with a mood board which explores the themes and concepts of the show. This inspires colour, typography and concept for the creative idea. 

The typography was key, we wanted it to feel functional rather than emotional in tone, instructional and internationally familiar; as you see in airports. Each letter was chosen to be legible, but also to feel different – to attract people with different dialects and suggest something unusual. A graphic style which suggested drive and direction, echoing the movement of people, change and emigration. 

When is a ‘K’ not a ‘K’?
The Latin alphabet we use is made up of 26 different characters. The forms of the letters are in the most part borrowed, developed or adapted from other alphabets throughout history and globally.

Each letter is legible as Kin, but characters are from a mix of dialects:

ķ (k-cedilla) is the 17th letter of the Latvian alphabet

Ī is a vowel is a Brahmic script, also known as Indic script

is the 14th letter of the Latin alphabet.

Photography credit: Richard Haughton