New year campaign for Coes – “Make space for the clothes you love”

This campaign is aimed at encouraging customers (+ new) to rediscover and reinvigorate their wardrobes.

During the campaign discover phase the following statements supported the need to promote a such a campaign


  • Excluding footwear and accessories, the average person owns 127 items of clothing.
  • Research shows that around 30% of clothing in wardrobes has not been worn for at least a year.
  • In the United Kingdom (on average) an item of clothing is worn seven times. (In china an item is worn 3 times)
  • The main reason to never wear an item again is a change in weight.
  • The Clothes We Keep the Longest Are: Formal Wear, Sports/Outdoors clothing, Jackets/Blazers/Coats
  • What Gets Thrown Out the Most Quickly: Leggings, Underwear and Socks, Casual at home clothing worn every day inside the home and garden, Casual outside home clothing and clothing for work

The problem

80% of the time people wear 20% of their wardrobe.

21% of clothes are unwearable

12% of clothes have never been worn

33% of clothes are too tight

24% of clothes are too loose

10% of people are depressed every time they open their wardrobes

It’s undeniable that the rise of social media has heavily influenced consumers’ shopping behaviours. Very few people want to appear in the same outfit twice on social media. Sustainably conscious brands and stores are looking to change this behaviour. Coes make a conscious effort to re- post outfits and campaign photography to support this.

The solution

Undertaking a Wardrobe MOT will help customers rediscover clothes they’ve forgotten about, recycle clothes they no longer want, and free up space for the items they need, reinforcing that Coes is the place to purchase quality clothing and accessories from brands who are supporting good methods of sourcing and sustainably.

The campaign promotes Personal style , not Fast fashion which means items are worn again and again. Good customer service and free alterations ensure clothing fits well and in turn make customers feel great. Promoting the thought Buy less. Buy better.

Graphic assets were created to work across all aspects of the campaign tohighlight aspects of the campaign and create awareness.

A simple 6 step programme was suggested to engage with their audience.

Step 1 – Wardrobe MOT
Look at your wardrobe and select the items of clothing that no longer fit, no longer work for your lifestyle, and items which have seen better days, are broken or need repairing.

Step 2 – think! What to keep?
Encourage people to focus on the clothes they love wearing and build a wardrobe around them. Reserve your wardrobe space for your favourite clothes and remove items that do not fit your lifestyle.

Step 3. If you’re done, pass it on.
When they’ve completed their wardrobe MOT encourage people not to throw things away. Clothing can be recycled, shared or given to charity shops.

Step 4. Shop thoughtfully. This is where Coes comes in.
Once the wardrobe MOT is complete. People are encouraged to identify key items which are missing in their core wardrobe and take time to find replacement items of clothing that really suit their body and needs. 

Coes personal shoppers can help you make good choices.

Coes offer a considered purchase that will fit you when you leave the store and not hang in the wardrobe unworn – with free alterations to guarantee this.

Coes encourage good shopping behaviour. Encouraging customers to invest in high-quality items that last longer. Coes highlight brands who are investing in fair and sustainable practices through their “SMART CHOICE STYLE EDIT”.

Step 5. Look after your clothes so they last longer.
Coes give trusted advice on how to keep clothes looking good, from caring for cashmere to washing denim inside out…

Step 6. Make a promise
To keep clothes in use for as long as possible, to look after them and wear them again and again. 30 wears is the goal!