Penrose Learning Trust. Sustainability is key.

As an agency, we are making sustainability a priority in our business and all creative work we undertake with our clients, companies, manufacturers and suppliers. 

We have worked on a range of design projects for Penrose Learning Trust, since their rebranding, working closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to make good decisions based on material selection, longevity, and function.

  • Lanyards made from recycled plastic bottles (PET bottles) and biodegradable portrait card holders
  • We have chosen to repurpose and refurbish existing signage structures and ensure composite signage materials were specified which were recyclable while also being fit for purpose and strong to ensure longevity
  • Each school within the Trust now displays a Penrose plaque which is 100% recyclable stainless steel.
  • Main school signage displays the Trust brand identity and school name. A deliberate decision was made to not include individual school logos as these may evolve over time. This ensures the signage is a permanent fixture.
  • Branded items specified include reusable water bottles, recycled and biodegradable pens and stationery
  • Recyclable, recycled, and sustainable materials were used as a preference for all printed materials Penrose-branded items were shared across the MAT to reduce costs and create consistency across the board. Stationary, Presentation templates, Prospectus, Newsletters, Lanyards and Signage.
  • Eco display banners

Making sustainable choices doesn’t necessarily cost you more.

IIn fact, we find taking time to consciously consider what is required and making informed decisions can actually reduce units required and costs associated over time. Our aim is to ensure longevity for every item commissioned and consideration for a circular economy with little or no waste. Are you interested in making good, sustainable decisions for your business? We can help.  Please get in touch.