Using our skills for good on the iFarm

We met Joolz Thompson at the EarthDay Circular Economy conference at the University of Suffolk, where he gave a presentation about iFarm, a Community Benefit Society he has set up operating in and around the rural villages of Blo NortonThelnethamHopton and Coney Weston, with the aim of combatting loneliness and encouraging community.

“As a community, we’re facing multiple crises. An epidemic of loneliness and separation, economic and financial shocks (inc unemployment), health crises, the pandemic and the unfolding climate and ecological emergency. We choose to face these crises together. iFarm are growing community resilience in the face of crises, by way of mutual aid.”

Joolz Thompson

We were captivated by his passion and commitment to improving the lives and well being of these rural communities, we were happy to donate our skills and photography to highlight their work and promote their open volunteering days Saturday 13th May, Saturday 17th June Saturday and 15th July 10am – 4pm. You can find out more at

Incidentally, the (i) in iFarm stands for Ikigai – which we love and talked about in our last post.

We’re looking forward to our photoshoot in a few weeks on the iFarm.