Open day campaign for St Joseph’s College, Ipswich

Since the Covid pandemic the world has changed, we are all asking ourselves “what’s important in life?” 

We know that deciding what a child needs and what matters most are key steps in choosing a school. The majority of Independent schools focus on their achievement, discipline and academic success. However, St Jo’s understand that social and emotional well-being is equally important. 

Parents ultimately want their children to be happy, healthy, confident and thrive in school and beyond. 


The ‘Happiness’ campaign was a phased approach combining both inward and outward marketing. 

Inbound marketing involved creating valuable content and experiences tailored to parents’ needs; Insight blog content from the teachers and Pastoral Support team which reinforced the concept of happiness within the school and the impact on how children thrive.

Outbound marketing focused on engaging with the audience with content and incentivising them, both through digital and print marketing. Facebook ad campaign and keyword-targeted google advertising.

Photography and film focused on the happiness within the classroom, teachers and students alike, learning and thriving. 


The Whole school open morning on 19th March was a great success with a record number of families in attendance. The concept of ‘Happiness’ is a popular subject of conversation with the admissions team and prospective families.

Through competitive analysis, questionnaires, research from parents, teachers, students and the discovery phase of our branding process we have found key differentiators which set St Jo’s apart from its competitors. Each campaign involves detailed research and analysis of audience behaviour. The more we know about the audience the greater the success of the targeted campaign.