Carbon Charter Gold Award

We’ve been awarded a Carbon Charter Gold Award for our Sustainable Achievements.

“What Associates have implemented several carbon saving measures. The Panel praised a detailed action plan and very extensive sustainability communications on your website and social media.  It is very rare for a business to come straight in at Gold so this award reflects how impressed the Panel were in their judgement.”

Peter Frost – Environment Strategy Officer on behalf of the Carbon Charter Panel

Following an independent assessment carried out by qualified auditors from Groundwork East, we are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded Gold by the Carbon Charter, endorsing our commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our business operations. 

The Carbon Charter Gold is only awarded to organisations seen to be exemplifying best practices in terms of demonstrating significant reductions in carbon emissions and championing the environmental agenda.

“We’re so happy that Suffolk Carbon Charter has recognised the efforts we have taken to achieve a positive environmental impact”  Wendy Hodgson

WHAT Associates is a small, family-run creative agency based in Ipswich, Suffolk. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about improving the world around us and inspiring others to do the same. We are committed to continuing to measure, calculate and make smart sustainable decisions for ourselves and the clients we work with.