Our Sustainable Strategy for Action

WHAT associates is a purpose-driven communications agency and consultancy that cares for people and the planet. Our strategy for action outlines the objectives we have set and our ambition for responding and acting with Purpose.

We will:

  • Ensure our Purpose guides all our decision-making, through long-term thinking, actions and intent. 
  • Educate ourselves, peers, clients, and community
  • Collaborate with like-minded people, carefully selected partners, experts and researchers
  • Share our knowledge and insights
  • Build a network of expertise and knowledge needed to make informed decisions that will drive necessary action
  • Build a network of partners who can provide us with evidence-based research and guidance to ensure all strategies are honest, authentic, and effective 
  • Embed sustainability in our own company strategy and those we work for
  • Inspire business leaders to instill Purpose at the heart of their organisation
  • Work with businesses so they understand the importance of marketing and how it can contribute to a more sustainable future. Marketing sits centrally between business leaders and your customers, informing and influencing both sides.
  • Ingrain sustainability in all aspects of our agency and all the activities we are involved in on behalf of our clients
  • Implement new ways to challenge ‘business as usual’ practices 
  • Demonstrate how to introduce sustainability into the marketing mix 
  • Guide businesses and marketing departments through the complexities of the challenge
  • Encourage knowledge sharing and involvement from both internal staff and a wider audience, which involves multi-generational and cultural diversity 
  • Introduce ‘Guide and Co-create’ marketing frameworks to discourage greenwashing and deliver on sustainable promises
  • Create relevant KPIs which consider nature and well-being alongside profit
  • Promote a sustainable marketing mix, which considers the real cost to people and the planet
  • Acknowledge our role as marketing professionals in shaping society and informing behaviors and attitudes
  • Use our influence with our suppliers and partners to procure environmentally friendly supplies and services, reduce consumption and encourage circular methods of production and environmentally responsible waste management. 
  • To work collaboratively with our local communities and the wider public to develop appropriate actions addressing sustainability challenges
  • Be considerate of our natural resources and the environmental impact of our actions
  • Make sustainability the norm by positively influencing communities and society as a whole to encourage the adoption of sustainable worldviews 
  • Avoid greenwashing and over-promising
  • Consider a circular system to ensure no waste and low greenhouse gas emissions