Why should your charity care about branding?

Your brand is ultimately a reflection of all the good work you do, so it’s incredibly important you invest time and effort into creating an identity that represents you accurately, both in strategy and visual identity. This, in turn, has huge benefits in building trust, credibility, and recognition while also distinguishing you from other charities and organisations.

Whether you’re looking to launch, evolve, or rejuvenate your identity, reach new audiences, or boost funding – we can help you raise awareness for your cause.

Our process:

  • Strategy: Identify your mission, values, and purpose – your What, Why, Where, and Who
  • Brand audit: To assess what is working and what isn’t, and identify areas for improvement or brand realignment
  • Research and focus groups: Involving stakeholders from the beginning is essential to the success of a branding project. Focus Groups are a great way to understand how people feel, perceptions, interests, and needs of the people you work with and those you aim to serve or engage with
  • Brand story: a narrative that communicates your unique story to help people connect emotionally with your cause. Why do you exist? What do you aim to achieve? What impact do you have? 
  • Visual identity: Creation of a visual language and design elements that bring your story to life
  • Brand voice: Your personality and attitude need to come across in all communication, no matter who is acting on your behalf. Tone-of-voice guidance keeps everything consistent across all platforms – from social media to official correspondence
  • Brand book: Consistency is key when applying your identity across all your channels of communication. The brand book is a comprehensive set of guidelines that documents your visual elements, voice, messaging, and usage guidelines. It gives you assurance that your identity will appear considered and on-brand, no matter who is responsible for it’s application
  • Marketing and design: We can continue to work with you to communicate your story, motivate supporters, fuel donations, and create meaningful engagement in any medium you require to get your message across

We have worked with many charities and social enterprise organisations over the years both at WHAT and previous agencies in London: Art for Cure, Unicef, RNLI, Save the Children, Lock Arts, and The Hive.

Depending on your budget, we have various packages available, we’d be happy to discuss this with you in more detail. Please give us a call.

We are committed to using our creative skills as a force for good, adding real value and driving positive change.

Post image: New identity for @hiveipswich